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does your bear happen to cover prince songs?

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June 8th, 2009

10:31 am: Warning: Gabe Saporta has stolen this journal entry >.>
Oh god I fail at paying attention to Livejournal lately. Sorry LJ, Twitter is just easier.


Things that I love lately:

- I was super duper bored and eventually ended up at Gabe Saporta's Urban Dictionary page and the last two ~definitions of Gabe Saporta are GOLDENCollapse )

-Which brings me to my next point. If you can stomach the high-pitched yammering of fourteen-year-old girls for a minute and seventeen seconds, this video of Gabe is AMAZING IN SO MANY WAYS. Highlights include: not telling the girls they're dumb because HELLO OF COURSE RYLAND IS AN ACTOR AND ALSO BRILLIANT, not telling the girls they're dumb for being ~~sure that he's got something going on seekritly with Vicky T, and Gabe being in love with his girlfriend. **_**

-Stupid adellyna sent me over to 2 Birds 1 Blog yesterday and then we spent approximately forever DYING out loud in our respective living rooms. If you're bored (hell, even if you're not), go read.

-I'm pretty sure everyones' flists are covered ten times over with these pictures of Ashlee/Pete/Bronx, but just in case, JUST IN CASE, I'm relinking. Oh god, Wentzes. What a spectacular thing to wake up to. <3_____<3

-Moving in 33ish days. Got some sorting/packing done last night, which really just brought home how much I haven't done yet. Whoops. /o\ BUT OH GOD 33 DAYS AND THEN I CAN HAS AN adellyna AND AN offtheceiling AND FLORIDAS EEEEEEEEE.

-Gabriel Motherfucking SaportaCollapse )

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May 4th, 2009

10:07 pm: I feel like I should stop babbling at Twitter long enough to post concert pictures/video, but....

Well, okay. Maybe a couple.

And by 'a couple', I apparently mean 'most of them'. Whoops.

Basically, I went to Florida (♥_♥) to see adellyna and the Believers Never Die Part Deux tour, sort of for my birthday! And lo, it was amazing! Also met the lovely likealocket and iphignia939. Woot woot for Florida buddies, yo.

ThisawayCollapse )



Can someone explain to me the ~appeal of this Dreamwidth thing? I don't get the point of it.

Current Mood: rejuvenatedrejuvenated

April 17th, 2009

12:11 pm: By popular demand
haircutCollapse )

Also by popular demand!

21st Birthday!Collapse )

And yay for the FOB tour finding another venue? FLORIDA, HERE I COME.

April 16th, 2009

04:30 pm: From Pete Wentz's Twitter...
attn: those going 2 boca raton show. the city has currently banned the believers never die tour from coming. working on a new venue....

That is me. Boo. :/

April 6th, 2009

03:53 pm: Just a note, internet peeps:

My laptop died a fiery blue-screened death last night. I'm fixing it/buying a new one soonish, but for now I'm woefully internetless, except for my phone ://///

I still get email no problem, though! Fuddyduddyknickerpants@gmail.com or ootp_fan@hotmail.com.


March 17th, 2009

01:32 pm: 3/13 House of Blues San Diego PART TWO!
Pictures here.

Also, for the record, the stage was maybe two or three feet high, and all these videos were being shot from chest level because I didn't want to be like CAMERA IN UR FACE BILL BECKZ LOL, so. Excuse the slight wobbliness from time to time.

Oh! And! They can all be watched in high quality, you just have to click the little HQ thingy.

TAI Acoustic Videos, wheeCollapse )

12:07 pm: 3/13 House of Blues San Diego
Mostly I'm too lazy to post an actualfax ~review (which breaks your hearts, I know :-P ), BUT. Roomie and I went to see TAI Acoustic on Friday at the House of Blues in San Diego and it was stellar. Evan Taubenfeld was more charming than any opening act I've ever seen. My cheeks literally hurt from smiling so hard within a minute and a half of him walking onstage. This Providence was...eh. Okay. The singer seemed a little cocky, even if he was fucking HOT, and their music wasn't anything special. Of course, I was mostly just eager for Bill Beckett + acoustic guitar, so my bias might be showing a little bit *g*

I don't, to be completely honest, know exactly why Sisky is on tour. I mean, yay it was cool to see him, whatever whatever, but he was onstage to play one and a half songs and that was it? So. *hands*

WILLIAM BECKETT IS STILL AMAZING, GUYS. He was sick, but he kept beaming and it made my poor little heart flutter every single time. He was also super interactive and sounded more or less pretty decent and...yes. <3_<3

Onto the good stuff!

PicturesCollapse )

Also! Roomie and I were bored and camwhored. Shamelessly. Plus, I bought some art the other day. Also, my cats are retarded.

EnjoyCollapse )

Um you know what? I'm going to post video in a different post so it doesn't kill you to load. ETA: here!

March 7th, 2009

12:30 am: I look before I leap, I love margins and discipline, I make lists in my sleep, baby, what's my sin
So, today I:

*Added the following words into my phone's spellcheck: Slytherpuff, Midtown, tigs, asshat, blowjob. Corrupting my phone, one e-mail at a time.


*Am officially one month and one week from my birthday! EEEE!

*Purchased a bottle of water just because it was named "Fred". I kid you not.Collapse )

*Fell in love with William Beckett. Um. Again?


Unrelatedly - or, maybe not - I had a dream last night that I was booked to go on a cruise with twenty five of my internet buddies. We were all waiting in someone's living room for the charter bus to come pick us up and I happened to be outside talking to my mom and stepdad about something when all of a sudden someone was like "cuddling! on the couch! right now!" So, we raced inside because, hey, cuddling, to find everyone just chillin and not all up in each others' personal space. And I was randomly really pissed about it! I'm pretty sure I yelled at adellyna and _typingmonkey_ about it, too. I was like "I WAS PROMISED SNUGGLING, WHY THE FUCK DID YOU STOP??"

Idk guys. I think I need a hug.

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